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Flightview.com is powered by OAG, which drives innovation across the air travel ecosystem with the world’s most comprehensive and accurate real-time travel data. See the range of business solutions below that can help grow your business, streamline your operations and delight your customers.

Flight status

Accurate, definitive, real-time and historical flight status data helps your business react to changes and deliver an invaluable service.

With over 9,000 flights cancelled every week around the world, accurate real-time flight status APIs and historic flight status data are central to staying on top of disruption and planning services effectively.

Flight Schedules

When your business planning pivots around airline schedules, you need data that is accurate, up to date and flexible to your needs.

With over 120,000 flight schedule changes a day, your business needs to be confident you have access to the most accurate airline schedules database, delivered in a flexible format and a frequency to suit you.


Our platforms enable you to analyse, simulate, plan and predict so you can grow, improve operations and see commercial threats.

The Analyser platform helps you monitor  trends, routes and services, understand passenger traffic flows and connectivity.

The OTP Dashboard gives you unique near real-time insight into on-time performance rankings.

Displays & Mapping

Flight Information Displays (FIDS) offer an easy and accessible way for clients and customers to visualise flight data and understand current flight conditions.

With online mapping, commercially they can showcase the extent of your network and your status as a destination airport.

For passengers they present real-time ‘at a glance’ weather and flight data, enhancing the passenger experience.

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